# How to join the tesetnet

# 1. Install nch

The current latest test version is: testnet-v1.2.0

  • If you have not installed the nch node program, please click here to install the latest test version program.

  • If you have installed the nch node, confirm that the program has been upgraded to latest test version. Run the following command to check your program version:

nchd version
nchcli version

# 2. Settings

  • init node for initial configuration:
# remove old data
rm -rf ~/.nchd

# init node
nchd init <your_custom_name> --chain-id nch-testnet
  • download genesis file
# Download genesis file  from github
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/netcloth/testnet/master/genesis.json -O  ~/.nchd/config/genesis.json

# Modify the configuration file:~/.nchd/config/config.toml, add seed-nodes as follows:
# Comma separated list of seed nodes to connect to
seeds = "958618444c05ca7f302128f5855a203120d1b097@,9a6f6284dda861246a97ac2b3e2b4d4e7a8f7d68@,da767a7a735500331ab70ddec95b88664fc637f7@"

# Comma separated list of nodes to keep persistent connections to
persistent_peers = "958618444c05ca7f302128f5855a203120d1b097@,9a6f6284dda861246a97ac2b3e2b4d4e7a8f7d68@,da767a7a735500331ab70ddec95b88664fc637f7@"

# 3. Start nchd

  • start nchd
# After executing the following command, the console will print the log
nohup nchd start 1>nchd.out 2>&1 &
  • start CLI rest-server:

init CLI first

nchcli config chain-id nch-testnet
nchcli config output json
nchcli config indent true
nchcli config trust-node true

start CLI rest server

nohup nchcli rest-server 1>cli.out 2>&1 &

# 4. View node synchronization status

# Open a new terminal

# The output is as follows:
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": "",
  "result": {
    "node_info": {
      "protocol_version": {
        "p2p": "7",
        "block": "10",
        "app": "0"
      "id": "204d94d5a6dbf73a89101a0d084c2fb56462963a", // Node id
      "listen_addr": "tcp://", // Node p2p connection listening address
      "network": "nch-testnet", //chain-id
      "version": "0.32.2",
      "channels": "4020212223303800",
      "moniker": "lucy", // Node name
      "other": {
        "tx_index": "on",
        "rpc_address": "tcp://"
    "sync_info": {  //Current node information
      "latest_block_hash": "A4E5D60DE7CFB6598846A4131302C8FD28F2697DF2291B33B0892A9EACB562D8", // Latest block hash
      "latest_app_hash": "32F0B29280EDF3BEAE98424D9AA256EDBEFC973D1C33431A8D74FCA3BC3B6582",
      "latest_block_height": "1489",     // The latest block height to which the current node is synchronized                                                      // Latest block height
      "latest_block_time": "2019-09-10T05:33:13.428333584Z",                                  // Latest block time
      "catching_up": false
    "validator_info": { // Validator information
      "address": "92E0F0A50779E67A2AC25AAF6BCD1E5CF0841DFE",
      "pub_key": {
        "type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
        "value": "cGvHGxHXzOk/L5yVtxeyS9U1mGBNFszvAdYlQoQVGCw="
      "voting_power": "0"

When the height of the block synchronized by the node is the same as that on the block browser,indicates that the nodes have completed synchronization. At this point, a full node is deployed.

Now, you can try to deploy a Validator on NetCloth chain. Click here

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